Introducing Trailfresh

Trailfresh is a single use, fully disposable travel toilet for solid as well as liquid waste; an entirely novel product, based on newly patented collector/container technology and designed for today’s environmentally-aware consumers.  At this point, Trailfresh exists  in pre-production prototype form only, and working samples will be made available to interested parties (see the Proposition)

Whether heading for the great outdoors in a National Park or simply working far from restroom facilities, all of us have to re-think the impact we have on the natural environment when answering nature’s call, particularly in relation to solid waste    

In the age of ‘Leave No Trace’ and ‘Pack it Out’, how the individual deals with this sensitive problem is vitally important, not only for the preservation of our environment, but also for the health and enjoyment of others who follow.  A user-friendly solution is key  

Trailfresh has been conceived with this opportunity in mind, to meet the needs of the responsible consumer in an important and increasing market sector. It is a single use sanitation system, weighing only a few ounces and designed to be simple, quick and efficient for the user to operate  

Other products require a commode, bucket or folding seat, or squatting to the ground if none is available, and another has to be tied around the user’s waist in order to be used in a standing /semi-squat position  

Trailfresh is a radically different approach to this challenging and persistent problem, using minimal materials to achieve a unique solution in an exceptionally lightweight, compact and portable package