The Markets

The Trailfresh disposable travel toilet is for all situations where the usual rest room facilities are not available, including :-

Disposable travel toilet kits currently available in the USA in the premium retail ‘outdoors’ market from various leading suppliers, sell for around $2.65 to $3.50 per unit. The ‘outdoors’ market tends to be resilient and relatively affluent, with many consumers choosing the best equipment available, rather than the cheapest       

Trailfresh has been designed to compete in all markets, the added convenience of the handle/bag concept giving it a unique selling point, and an effective advantage over established designs in many situations.  It has the potential to become a ‘world’s best’, and the product of choice in the fully disposable toilet category              

In the USA alone, the various developed markets together are substantial, running to many millions of dollars a year. Taking only the ‘outdoors’ market, on most popular trails it is now essential to ‘pack it out’, and this trend will continue as visitor numbers increase  

The current size of the various markets is for interested parties to confirm to their own satisfaction