The Trailfresh Premium toilet kit consists of the following components :

  1. One piece die-cut folding cardboard hoop with handle.  This component is biodegradable
  2. Collection bag for fitting to the hoop. Preferably biodegradable
  3. Wrapper bag permanently attached to base of the collection bag. Preferably biodegradable
  4. Zipper containment bag, puncture resistant and odor-proof for safe transportation to a disposal site  (see Options page)
  5. Super absorbent treatment powder which turns liquid to gel
  6. Toilet paper (see Options page)
  7. Antibacterial hand cleansing wipe (see Options page)


Disposable toilet kits for solid waste which are currently available on the market appear to be hand-assembled in the USA or elsewhere.  For US Federal and public utilities customers it is anticipated that Trailfresh would require to be produced within the USA, although outsourcing may be appropriate for other general markets